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Farm Edit Oh, God. I hate leaving voice messages. Um, but I have so much I want to say to you. Uh, thank you so much for my present but mostly for trusting me. Fine then. Expect a call from my lawyers. Why do you dress like a beggar? This is a brand new outfit game Never mind. We need to talk. Of course, buttercup. How much did you pay for it? Mom. Darling, don’t make that face. Tell me. What’s going on? Well, um, I think you should know that I’ve decided not to marry Mike. Do you have any idea how many women would give their right arm to marry Dr. June? I’m sorry. I can’t go through with it. Okay. What is it? Another woman? So, he had a little adventure. Come on. He had a little fling. Let’s be a big girl. Actually, it’s nothing like that. I’m just not in love with him. You don’t love him? No, that’s not what I said. I love him. I’m not in love with him. This isn’t a romantic novel. It’s a legal contract. You’re getting married. How many couples do you know that got married for love and are now divorced? I’m in love with William, Rachel Harson’s son. What? That nut case who stares at the stars and plays with his radio all night is in love with my daughter? Unfortunately, he’s involved with someone else. So, I’m out of luck. My daughter has gone cuckoo. Uh, hi. Sorry to bother you. Uh, I’m here to see Shirin. Yes? Who? Really? On my way. I have to go to a meeting. Not a word about this, promise me my dear, to anybody. Fine. Fine. I won’t say anything. I’m Shirin’s mother, Maryam. Hi, I’m game I’m William Harson. I, uh, didn’t have an appointment, but I’m here to see Shirin. It’s kind of personal. I’m so sorry, she’s not here, but I would love to speak with you. Would you join me for lunch? Uh, yeah. You have to forget about her. I can’t. Ma’am, I’m in love with your daughter. She is a married woman. She’s what? She went through with this? At the last minute, I agreed to drop the plans for a big wedding because she was in such a hurry. Can you believe it? She went to Vegas. No, I game I can’t. She got married in Las Vegas?