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Farm Frenzy Time 3 anyone would get convinced with you I am feeling like flying in the air Game What is the matter? You are so happy I’ve some secret with me Secret!? Tell me what it is First I’ll tell to Siri then I’ll tell to you Mom! l want coffee At Mumbai, have you learnt music or sold coffees in railway station? Nothing! Drink your coffee first What? You are looking at me as watching a ghost Since l’ve seen Reethu, Hyderabad appears very colourful to me I feel like playing the guitar standing close to rainbow What? No reaction from you? I knew that you would do something like this when you saw her eagerly yesterday What should I do now? Do you want me cut a cake and distribute it to the whole colony? Why do you say like that? Then how should I talk? Uncle scolded you only day before yesterday I thought that you would understand me I’ll kill you Don’t behave childish First concentrate on your career This is not time for that You can fall in love later Damn your advice! Go away Tell me now What? That secret I can’t reveal because it is a secret Did Udhay call you? Yes, he said that he would come next month and told that we can discuss about the engagement then Siri is a lucky girl She told us about the boy she liked, got our consent and going to marry him What luck? She is my only daughter After her marriage, she’ll go to USA leaving me alone If Chandu and Siri love each other and get married Game Game they would live with us No, their both characters are different Siri learned dance while studying but he discontinued studies and learnt music He has no clarity in his life But Siri plans her life nicely It is better for them being like this Let me help you Mom! How long will he use this vehicle that should be kept in the museum? Why doesn’t he buy a new one? I asked him that many times He was dreaming that you would complete MBA and get a good job Game Game and he would buy a new scooter with your first salary Because of that adamancy he didn’t buy that till now Udhay sent his greetings to you Where have you been since the morning?