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Murder? Michael, we haven’t had that kind of trouble here in a long time. Look, people talk Game Especially these kids. Last thing I want is a panic, you understand? Listen, I don’t know what that was all about, But, uh, we got another problem. Nathan Miller didn’t show up for class today. Some local fisherman found him naked, Curled up on a bank this morning. They brought him here. Where are his folks? Both deceased. The boy lives with his grandmother. Hey hey hey. Hey hey, she drowned. ShShe Game She drowned. She drowned, she drowned, she drowned, she drowned. Is she dead? She drowned! She drowned. She drowned, I hear she did. I don’t know. She drowned, she drowned! What’d you say? She drowned! She drowned. Hey, he does this every single day. She drowned. A house divided upon itself Will fall into wrack and ruin. In the great abyss the seven princesses dwell! It’s a trick, it’s a trick! Th Game They’re fakin’ ya. TheyThey want to reach out from hell. Bring you back. Bring you back to hell! Drag you into helllll Game All right! Hell Game Lovely town you got here. Like I said, he does that every day. Here’s our boy. Hasn’t said a word since he’s been here. Completely unresponsive. Any blood, Bruises or anything like that? Not a trace. Something scared the hell out of him. Hey, Nathan. Hey, Nathan, it’s sheriff Hendricks here. We’ve got a few questions we’d like to ask you. You remember anything at all about the other night In the woods with Susie Dudley? You know where she is? Nathan? Nathan! Possibility he might be faking, doctor? That’s highly doubtful. Yeah, but is there a possibility? W Game Well Game Of course there’s a possibility, but Game Revertar In domum meam unde exivi. What the hell’s he doing? LI don’t Game No no! No no, don’t cuff him, don’t cuff him! It’s too early! Shaw, either help or get the hell out of here. I’m just trying to do my job! Get him up. I’ve got all day, son. Where is Susie Dudley? Why don’t you just tell me now? Nathan! Hey!