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Farm resort 3 Oh mom! Why are you following me? That is my prize It is mine too And mine also Let’s do one thing Today I’ll keep this shield with me and give this certificate to you You show it to your family and I’ll show this to my family Tomorrow we’ll exchange it Will you allow me to play with your gang? Then, let’s be friends Let’s grow this tree as a witness that you and I are a team Bit by bit, the tree should grow up green like our friendship Let’s tell to the sky that our friendship is great Let’s make the plan to reach the stars Let’s watch this world from there I’ve come to receive him Yes, train has come, bye The train reached home long ago Wake up and come Even the train may not be punctual but you are I was confident that you would wake me up I thought you would be changed after gone to Mumbai We shouldn’t change the best qualities what we have I’ll kill you Did you inform home? It is not so easy as playing a guitar to handle the situation Tell me that if you didn’t inform home I’ll return in this same train I am Siri, man Come on, get down Samantha Deluxe Boys Hostel Why did you stop here? Egg will be served twice in a week, and chicken on every Sunday Why do you say this to me? If uncle doesn’t accept, you’ll have to stay here Didn’t you tell home yet? I didn’t, I’ll call you after telling that Don’t try to escape Uncle knows that you’ve come here I went searching to pray but got stuck Do you have brains? What we asked him to do? What he did and come? No sooner he came home that you started to scold him We sent him Mumbai to study MBA But you know what he did? He came hanging a guitar to his shoulder Music leads to a career? What should I tell if anyone asks me that what you are son is doing? Should I tell them that he is playing to a band? If he had studied as I said, he would have got a good job, Game digit salary and got security to his life My life would be good if I had studied as he said But if I do what I wish it’ll be better than that Look! He did what he wished to do and now telling me Lord Krishna’s sermons He doesn’t care about his future Nothing like that uncle Music