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Farm Time 1 I want to be married too! I love her! I could look at her game one of her hair all day and just wonder why did it wave like this instead of like that? What are you reading now? Hmm? Oh, it’s a new Rachel Harson novel. Oh, she has a new one? Yeah, In The Storm. That’s an advanced copy. I love her. It’s her best yet. Once I’m done reading it, I’ll let you borrow it, and I’ll bring you some more beer. Forget the beer. Just bring the book and the tall doctor. Mom, please. I don’t want to. Come on. Not tonight, please. Can we get out of here, please? Yes, honey. We will shortly. I just want you to meet Ali Ali. We call him Ali Dobey. I’m glad you found something to look at. This is Shirin. Pleasure to meet you. Great. Pretty cute. Uh well, I was a human rights attorney, and I game I gave it up to write. She’s a book reviewer from the magazine. This one? Uhhuh. A big fan of Rachel Harson. You do whatever you want, honey, as long as you quit when we have children. And you know I want a lot of children. Here’s to Rachel Harson and In The Storm. I would say is the best for you. Oh, come on game Darling, I promised Roya that we’re gonna have grandchildren before too long, and you’re not gonna disappoint us, are you? I’ll do my best. Don’t keep on touching your hair. Dr. June. Shirin. What are you talking about? Shirin, come on, come on. That’s okay. She’s just a bit nervous about the wedding. Let’s have the music louder. Spring me. That’s interesting. You go wash your face. I’ll go get you a water, okay? I’ll be right back, okay? Don’t you just love this music? Ahh! Whew! Ah, yeah? Help me. I escaped. Um, yeah. It’s raining. Uh, you should probably go game Open the door. Yeah, okay. All right. Where game where do you want to go? Please don’t send me back. Uh, okay. So you just want me to go? Okay. Just go. Just go. Okay. All right. So, where are we escaping to? Just go straight. If I go back, I’m gonna kill them. I’m gonna kill myself. Okay. Straight it is. And we’re out of straight. Any other suggestions? Hello? Awesome.