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Farm Time 2 Ever since I met you, I game It’s my fiancé. Yeah, of course it is. He’s probably trying to make sure he gets you to the church on time. Always in a hurry, so game I would be to if I was him. What are you writing? Um, this is, uh game this is my mother’s manuscript. I’m pretty much her official typer now. Can I take a peak? Can I trust you? You already have. It’s her most recent work. It’s beautiful. Oh. I really have to go. Yeah. I’m glad you liked this. You have something you want to give me, right? Here, um, it’s not why I came. No, of course. I know there’s something going on here. I just don’t know what it is game yet. Goodbye. Bye. This is crazy! You’re moving into the apartment of somebody you just met. You don’t even know her! What if she’s a serial killer! Mom, you need to relax. We’ve been Skyping. It’s all fine. Skyping? That’s not talking. Nader, do something. What can I do? My head is fine. Give me a hug. Bye. I should’ve done this years ago. Did you see the way she was dressed? She gave away all her beautiful clothes. What have we done to deserve this? Thank you so much. You’re welcome. We’ll see you in six months. Yeah. Have a good time you guys. You have a simple exciting concept. For a novel, that’s not enough, but for a movie, it could be just what the studios want. High concept. Ooh, that’s what I’ve got? High concept? I got concept. High concept. Uh, is something bugging you? You want to talk about it? You know I got nieces your age. I’m getting married to a very nice guy who I’ve been with for a very long time, but I met someone new. Umhmm. Uhhuh. The first one, very successful, and the second one, married but not so rich. Kind of. I mean, he’s got a long term girlfriend, so game I knew it. I knew it. You know why? ‘Cause we police officers got a good sense of psychology. So what do I do, Dr. Freud? What do you do? Hell, you just run off with me! Marvin. Okay. Only if you let me drive. Oh, hell no. Not the way you drive. Deal’s off. Uhuh. That ain’t happening. Maybe I need more courage. Well,