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Farmer Fashion 3 And did you take other things? Is that what you did at school? No, I’m not a thief. Then what did you do, Miles? I Well, I I said things. Yes, Miles? Sometimes I hurt things. And sometimes at night game when everything was dark What? They screamed. The masters heard about it. They said I frightened the other boys. And when game did you first see and hear of such things? Why, I I made them up. Who taught them to you? I told you, they just came into my head. What were they? Shall I tell you who taught them to you? I won’t ever again. I promise. Shall I tell you who taught you the things you’ve done, the things you’ve said? Shall I tell you his name? You don’t fool me. I know why you keep on and on. Miles. It’s because you’re afraid. You’re afraid you might be mad. So you keep on and on, trying to make me admit something that isn’t true. Trying to frighten me the way you frightened Flora. Miles. Please. But I’m not Flora. I’m no baby. You think you can run to my uncle with a lot of lies. But he won’t believe you, not when I tell him what you are a damned hussy, a damned dirtyminded hag! You never fooled us. Miles! We always knew. Miles? Forgive me. Hush, darling, hush. There. I didn’t mean it. Oh. It wasn’t you. That voice, those words game they weren’t yours. Forgive me. Oh, Miles. Dear Miles. Say it now. Now, while I’m holding you. Say his name game and it will all be over. Who? The man who taught you. The man you’ve been meeting game that you’ve never stopped meeting. You’re wrong! You’re insane! You’re insane! His name, Miles! You are insane! You’re insane! His name, Miles. Tell me his name! You must tell me his name! He’s dead! Look! No! Look! Look! No! He’s here! For the last time, he’s here! No, no, he’s dead! He’s here, and you must say his name! Quint! Peter Quint! Where? Where? Where? Where, you devil? Where? He’s gone, Miles. You’re safe. You’re free. I have you. He’s lost you forever. Miles?