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and Paddy in Vatican city. In Rome, Dennis told Paddy Power about his agreement to Kim Jung-Un to put on a basketball game in North Korea. And Paddy Power jumped at the chance to get involved. Paddy Power came out of the blue and said, “we’ll do it.” You know, they’re one of those type of companies where they just Games they love entertainment, they love excitement, they love intriguing things that’s gonna actually, you know, put them on the map. The game is planned for January Games That brings us up to the news conference when the game was revealed to the world. Dennis has painted the trip as a way to bridge the gap between North Korea and the United States. Now, that might sound like a pipe dream, but it’s exactly what happened in the ‘s when a team of U.S. ping-pong players traveled to China. The visit eased tensions between the two nations, and two years later, Richard Nixon paid his own visit to the communist state. years on, could Dennis pave the way for the current U.S. government to visit North Korea? It would be a long-shot given the country’s rocky relationship. But as recently as , the United States and North Korea were on the brink of war, after falling out over North Korea’s nuclear ambitions. But president Bill Clinton Games ever the charmer Games sent his predecessor Jimmy Carter on a diplomatic mission, and Kim Il-Sung agreed to put North Korea’s nuclear plans on hold. That all changed in the early years of the st century when new leader Kim Jung-Il put North Korea’s nuclear program back in motion after president George Bush took a somewhat different approach to his predecessor by publicly naming North Korea, alongside Iran and Iraq, in an Games Axis of evil. That brings us to the current administration and president Obama’s tactic of strategic patience Games which basically means refusing to speak to the third generation and new leader Kim Jung-Un until North Korea agrees to disarm. Of course, that means Dennis’ willingness to converse with North Korea flies in the face of the U.S.A.