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And they enter and dwell within the vacant soul. The person ends up far worse than they were before. You ever see anything like this? No. SUEDOMSA. SUEDOMSA. SUEDOMSA. Protect us. Against the spirits of wickedness in high places. Touch my body. Taste it. You will not surely die. You are weak. Father Callahan? Father Callahan. What do you make of that? I believe that there are different levels of evil in the world. No rituals, no magic. It already dwells in all of us. That’s it. That’s the battle. This is war. There’s no neutral ground. Bethy Banks. Probably make it easier if you talked about it. Nothing. Rachel just likes to rattle my cage. Mmm. From what I saw last night, It looked like something was rattling hers. She blames herself For our daughter’s death. Who do you blame? You see good people get shit on all the time And he lets it happen. So I say to hell with him. What good people, Michael? There’s always been good and evil. That’s the game. The curse. But really who is innocent when standing here before the almighty? We all face the enemy every single day. Just exiles wandering around. You’re angry. Understandable. Don’t make it worse by nursing your grudge. Otherwise you give a mighty foothold to the enemy. When an evil spirit Comes out of a man, It goes through arid places seeking rest. It does not find it. And then it says, ‘I will return to the house From which I came.’ Clear cause of death was severed arteries To the abdomen. Severe trauma to the abdominal cavity. The blade was thick and went deep. Any sign of rape? Autopsy shows signs of semen, along with severe vaginal tearing. I won’t have the DNA match back for a few more days, But I, uh, I did find these markings to be very odd. Oh my god. SUEDOMSA. Sheriff? Hendricks! The adversary of iniquity prowls around Like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour. Not this time. Gather your hearts. We’re about to stand against the schemes of the wicked. Miss Dudley. What’s happened? Where’s Game Where’s Jed? What happened?