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can’t erase game Shh. game Be mine tonight game Man like you can buy anything he wants. game Let this be d just the start d Of so many nights d like this game He buys a deck of cards at the hotel gift shop. game And then seal it d with a kiss game Well, you want to see a card trick? game I can hardly wait d to hold you game How much did these cards cost? game Feel my arms d around you game Oh, cents, I think. game Waited just d to love you game And if they sold me downstairs at the hotel gift shop game how much would you pay? I’m sor game I’m sorry, how mu game how much would I pay for what? ROMANTIC INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING The entire night. How much would you pay me for the entire night? Cheryl, I game I really don’t know. game I can hardly wait d to hold you game Don’t be scared. game How long I have waited game Make me an offer. game Now that I have found you d Don’t ever go game $? Go fish. SHEEPISH CHUCKLE Uh, $? Go fish. CHUCKLES $. BOTH CHUCKLING Go fish. SAXOPHONE PLAYING Y RIFF $,. Okay. $,. Okay. I’ll be right back. Wait a second. Where are you going? I’m going downstairs to cash a check. You think this hotel is going to cash a $, check at :am? It’s a New York Savings and Loan check. It’s like gold. They’ll cash it. Don’t you think they might get a little suspicious? Let me see that. It’s a cashier’s check. Endorse it over to me. No. I couldn’t do that. See, this check is for $,. We agreed upon $,. Why don’t I give you back $ and you give me that check? Even better. The look of love d Is in your eyes game SAXOPHONE CONTINUES MELODY Does this belong to anybody? OVER RADIO Mele Kalikimaka d is the thing to say game PHONE RINGING On a bright d Hawaiian Christmas Day game This is Hanratty. Merry Christmas. FRANK: Hello, Carl. Hello. game That we send to you, d from the land game Barry Allen, Secret Service. I’ve been trying to track you down now for the last couple of hours. What do you want? I wanted to apologize for what happened out in Los Angeles.