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It’s not safe Games Durotan. To the north, there is a black rock that touches the sky. I would meet with their leader. To challenge him? I saw you lead the small-teeth to our encampment. They have seen what is being built. But only you know what Gul’Dan has planned for my people. This magic is death, to all things. Must be stopped. Tell him. The black rock, when the sun is highest. GARONA: I will. Chieftain. If I return, would you take me into your clan? You’re safer here. With them. MUFFLED BREATHING Is it as you feared? The Fel is everywhere. Then you mustn’t leave again. They need a Guardian’s help now more than ever. Maybe the boy can help. We need solutions! Easy for you to say that! The Dwarven forges must work overtime. KING MAGNI: You treat us no better than dogs. We shall supply you no more! SHOUTING Enough! You have all called on Stormwind in the past. Either for troops or arbitration. If we do not unite to fight this enemy, we will perish. ALL: Hear, hear. KING LLANE: Stormwind needs soldiers, arms, horses. KING MAGNI: We have our own kingdoms to look after. DELEGATE: Fight your own wars! LOTHAR: Your Majesty. Commander. The orcs are building a portal, through which they plan to bring an army. If we do not stop them now, we may never get another opportunity. ELF DELEGATE: Where is he? Where is the protector of Azeroth? Where is the Guardian? SOFTLY Where is Medivh? My liege. I suggest we take a recess. LORDAERIAN DELEGATE: Take as long as you like. We’re done. INDISTINCT CHATTER Commander. What’s left of the Fourth has retreated from Stonewatch. What’s left? Callan is among the injured. Dad? I’m fine. It’s fine. You had me worried. Where’s the rest of your troop? They took most of them alive. We’ll get them back. Don’t be in such a hurry. You’re all I have. I know. I’m a soldier. He would not ask for this meeting if he thought he could defeat Gul’Dan alone. The Fel must truly terrify him. Durotan is scared of nothing. LOTHAR: The location. The suddenness of this meeting. Sounds like a trap. It is not.