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They seemed quite broke. They drank all our wine, and went off to bed quite early. Except that one guy Game Are you referring to the alleged ringleader, Yao Ming? Is he really? The students got no indication of where they were heading. No, I certainly didn’t. But they didn’t seem like a gang of criminals. No. Can I send a greeting? This is a serious Game I’m sending a greeting to Yao Ming: You can keep my panties as a memento! Authorities say the suspected graduates are heading south on E, where police have put up a series of road blocks. We have also obtained an updated photo of the alleged ringleader Yao Ming. My God, what a loser that junkman is? He’s kind, helping us out and everything? Yes, of course, but he could have been a lawyer! Made a lot of money and lived in the city. Instead he’s wallowing among the car wrecks! So it’s more important to you to make a lot of money, than to feel good about yourself? Markus, you understand what I’m talking about? Yes. Yes, of course. Found it! There! Kjellis, try starting it. Grad festival, here we come! I think I’m going to bed. Markus? Join me? Uh, yes, of course. Good night, folks! Markus, wait Game What is it? Not quite ready for this now. When we get to the grad festival, OK? You’re so beautiful. I know. Drive carefully. Yes, I will. But that Vidar Catkiller? What happened to him? Psychiatrist in St. Tropez. Yes. Of course! OK, let’s go, folks! Bye! Bye! Kjellis, I didn’t mean what I said last night. I was just so afraid that anyone was hurt. It’s OK, Markus. Mates? Mates? Yes. Intimates? No. Can we get some food? So hungry I could eat veggie food! Around midnight yesterday, local preacher Jakob Aslaksen and his family got an unexpected visit by the alleged ringleader of the wanted graduates’ gang. Widower Jakob Aslaksen went down to his daughters’ bedroom to investigate some suspicious sounds when he found Yao Ming and his daughters dressed up and jumping on the bed in what he thinks may have been a perverse grad knotritual.