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scheduling planning, model co-ordination? Little bit. Little bit will not do. We need someone who can plan well. Reetu, keep him as a trainee for days, if he works well then Games good or else he will be out. Reetu, take him to Homi. Come on now! Aishwarya. No sir, Sonia. You will be Aishwarya, you will be. I always think of ahead. Anyway I am not like other model coordinator. I never sleep with my models. Because what can a person do while sleeping. Good one! All the lines in this route are busy. Please ring up after some time. The girl is saying she is my wife. I only got married. Women are so insecure but don’t worry I will secure you. Today night what are you doing. A? No, no, no don’t lie what a person can do Games at night Games nothing. Your place or mine? No, don’t think. surrender, complete surrender. Just like the Indian cricket team just surrender. Your phone or mine Games Mine. Hello yes the audition is going Games great and Homi sir is very sweet. You know I am calling him tonight Games for the dinner pm be there OK bye Your blind father. No, my boy friend. He is also ready to surrender totally tonight Games you will be able to meet him. Abhishek. A? Can be but in future. Don’t call us we will be calling. OK, bye, thank you. Spoilt my mood! Homi. This is our new scheduler, Aryan. Jhanvi madam has said you have to co-ordinate with him for every event. I will see you around Aryan. See you. She could be top model. What do you feel? To stay far from girls is always better. Your thoughts are like mine. Very nice, Mr. Cleaner. See I will handle this model. I look into the matter personally its new job you chill yes next. I got a job, Doctor. Good congratulations. Now how is your health? Better Games much better. How you feel alone at home? Little scared some times. With whom. With self. With inner fear. Again, again Nisha’s face comes in front. When it came? That day after you left. Then what did you do? May have some Games Sorry. Some water. Sure. When I see that same place where Nisha Games After two days I went