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is January th, right?” So automatically, I clicked in quick. I said, “we’re gonna have a game here in January”, why not do it on his birthday?” On his birthday. So I say, “, you know, that would be perfect.” He’s telling me where he was. He goes, “well, we’ve been on a tropical island.” It’s like his camp David, but it’s, you know, this gorgeous, remote island. And we were jet-skiing and eating and hanging out. I’m the first non-North Korean to hold his baby. And we got pictures, “and guess what.” I said, “what?” “The game’s happening January th.” I had tears in my eyes. I couldn’t believe it. I said, “you’ve got it Games ” I was thinking, “you mean, no attorney reviewed it?” He goes, “you think you need an attorney with these people?” We don’t need no attorney.” Dennis did need one thing though Games money. Putting on such a big event halfway around the world is going to require a lot of it. But luckily for Dennis, in a moment of pure serendipity, he was about to cross paths with the perfect sponsor. One of the biggest gambling companies in Ireland and the U.K., Paddy Power is well known for its headline-grabbing marketing strategies, and it was one of its cheekiest rr. Stunts yet that led to it first meeting Dennis. It started in a very, very unprecedented circumstance. It was the first papal resignation in the past years. We sent our people out to Rome. We were taking bets on who the next pope would be. We were also offering a money-back special Games money back if the next pope is black, because the two favorites were black cardinals Games cardinal Arinze and cardinal Turkson from Ghana. So it looked very likely from a betting point of view that the next pope would actually be black. The two biggest stories on that particular day were Paddy Power taking bets on who the next pope would be and Dennis Rodman on his first trip out to North Korea. And we thought, it could be an interesting synergy here if we bring the two of them together. And, quite literally, Dennis was on a plane to Rome to help out Rory