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You know, we see them the way kids would see them as kind of like they’re on the edges and Q’s in his own story and he really hates Margo’s parents ’cause they don’t understand her. I think if you stepped outside of it, they’re not great parents, what they’re saying is a little more understandable but hopefully we see it from Q’s perspective and it’s just like, forget these guys. Yeah, I mean, I felt that way when I was writing the book. Like I’ve always felt like game To a lot of teenagers, their parents are irrelevant except occasionally as obstacles. And that actually sort of indicates good parenting to me. I think Margo’s parents are probably not great parents, but Q’s parents are, and they’re easy to forget. And you’re focused on your life and your peer relationships and that’s what really matters. And, you know, gi your best friends crap about whether or not they actually had a girlfriend from Saskatchewan. Yeah. This scene is almost entirely improvved, and it’s fantastic. And I love Nat Wolff and I love Austin Abrams and I love Justice Smith so much. They could have done this for minutes. I mean, we could game They basically did. Yeah. It was a lot to choose from, Jacob Craycroft, one of our great editors, did a greatjob in putting this together, but there was just so much to choose from. Yeah, I mean we really could’ve made a movie that’s just Q and Ben and Radar playing video games and talking to each other. And I honestly think it would have been enjoyable, and we could’ve made it for probably $,. Yeah, we’ve made a huge mistake. We should have game We could have shot it on iPhones. Yeah. It would have gone so much faster. Two-day shoot at the most. This is not a good time to be bringing this up. Sorry. It’s a little late. But I love them together. They’re just so game I mean, I hope that everyone feels this way watching the movie, but I really felt like it was me with my two best friends. Yeah, me too. That kind of like group of friends who definitely were not cool, but also not in a way that you wanted to be popular