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s a premeditated murderer. Is that why you’ve come looking for me? Yes. Dennis, you impress me more and more by the minute. You haven’t answered my question. No. No what? No, i didn’t. No, you didn’t plant the bomb? That’s right. You know who did? No. But even if i did know, i wouldn’t have told. So you’ve been in hiding all this time for nothing. I’m good at it. Relax. Good morning. Bonjour. So, is your boss interested in buying the motorcycle? Not really. How much wil he give me? Not much. How much? bucks maybe. bucks? That’s plenty. You’ll get a lot more somewhere else. Is he inside? Can you come back tomorrow? I’ve got to leave today. He’s in real a bad mood. I’ll take half that much. Hold it right there, pal. What is this? Vic, you never told me you were packing a rod. What have you done to kate? I haven’t done anything to kate. That’s her car, isn’t it? I just borrow it. The motorcycle was given to us. Right. The way you borrowed that motorcycle. To us? To me. You said us? I don’t have to talk to you. Shut up and sit down. Go ead and call her. Call who? Call kate. She’ll tell you she lent me the car. Hey, is that jack? I hope not. I think it is. Is that jack? Go outside. But, kate game go on. Dennis, what’s going on? I’m not sure. We can’t let him go, kate. The sheriff’s on his way over. What has he done? He stole that motorcycle and he was involved in some big robbery the day before yesterday. It’s right here in the paper. Get out of here. Is that true? No. I’m going to go get bill. No. Don’t let bill come down here. Why? Just don’t. Listen, i’m sorry about this. Can i do anything? Yes. What? Help bill, get away to martin’s boat. I can’t do that. Please. Just do it. Our father’s there waiting for him. Is your father a criminal, too? No, he’s a baseball player. Morning, sheriff. Ye , right. Give me some coffee. You the suspect? Yes. What’s your name? Dennis. I don’t know. I don’t know anybody to blame but myself. I mean, right from the start, it was a painful, unsatisfying relationship. I’m sorry.