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Do what? Don’t close the door. After last night, I cannot be alone with you. Please don’t do this. I don’t feel safe with you. I beg you. Goodness me. If I were you, I would get Dr. Smalls to have a look at that. Thank god. You’re back. There. Rachel Don’t speak. Here. How long was I out? Five days. And the Pascoe girl? Sent packing. Keep still. Keep still. Glad to see Wellington’s cutting back the laburnum. What’s that? Well, if a horse gets a mouthful of that, it would kill them. Oh, yes. You had one in Italy. Did I? By the fountain in a pot. Do you remember? Did I? Well, I can’t be expected to remember everything. Here. Drink. Where do you go? Where? Are you worried I’ll tire the horses? No. No. I’m worried you’re about to leave. Are you leaving me? You should have left me to die. Don’t. Soon none of this will seem quite so bad. You belong here. In a little while you’ll be strong again and everything will be just as it was before I came. You are at the beginning of everything. A boy. How can I live with a boy?