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Coordinator? Right. For dancing and Singing! Oh, I’m a double-threat. One stop shopping. Do-doo-doo-doo-bah pah! Okay, if there are no volunteers. You! Who? Me? The coffin fish? So not fair. Evo. Huh? Get that nightlight of yours over to the nursery for sleepy time duty. Yay, babies. I’m on it. Deep, you’re on filter duty. The loofah needs to be cleaned. Abso-loofah-ly. sighs As in? You know what, forget it. Artie sighs Oh, oh! Hey, hey! What about me? Oh, I can’t believe it. Sometimes it’s like I’m not even here. Well, if you’re not here, then I guess no one will notice if you come with me. surprised shout Deep, your grandpa’s gonna punish you. Keeping me locked up down here, he’s already punishing me. grunting Coming? No-peedee-nope. And you shouldn’t either. Chicken. I happen to be a shrimp, thanks. gasps Look at all this cool stuff. It’s incredible! And who found it? Me! I went outside and explored. I’m a pioneer. I bet this was a king’s scepter. Alice shouts Deep! They just called an emergency inspection. Did you change the filter? Huh? The loofah! Oh, where? Come on. Let’s see. Oh, come on. Ah! This’ll do! grunting There. So clean you’ll have to come up with a new word to describe it. Bubbles! Weird choice, but okay. Look how bubbles the water is. No, Deep. Bubbles! Erpp. Umm? laughing nervously Hey, where do think you’re going? It’s always something with you. Come back here, Deep. chuckles Artie sighs Deep sneezes Deep! Cool! Hey. baby cooing Now it’s time to peacefully baby cooing Oh, no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no. Evo shouts baby laughs Don’t drop the baby. Don’t drop the agh! Come back here, Deep! grunting Now I want the truth and don’t lie. I can see right through you. Okay. I did steal million eggs. I just didn’t think anyone could responsibly raise that many kids. Return them now. Next case. Uh, excuse me, Kraken? Sir. Sorry to report someone replaced the filter with a man-made sponge. sniffing On the plus side, the colony does smell lemony fresh. Fix it now! groaning Maybe you should avoid your grandfather for just a bit.