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Why can’t they all just be like us and live in peace? We interrupt this broadcast with an announcement from the Prime Minister in London. I am speaking to you from the Cabinet Room in Downing Street Games ♪ Underneath the spreading chestnut tree Games ♪ Ssh! It’s the Prime Minister. ♪ Mr. Chamberlin said to me Games ♪ Ssh, dear! Games handed the German government a final note, stating that unless we heard from them by o’clock, that they were prepared at once to withdraw their troops from Poland, a state of war would exist between us. I have to tell you now that no such undertaking has been received. And that consequently, this country is at war with Germany. Blimey, duck. This is it. Mum? The government announced today that one and a half million children are to be evacuated. Children living in big cities and towns Games No! Games are to be moved temporarily from their homes Games No, they’re not taking ours away. Course they are. No, they’re not. Over my dead body! It will be over his dead body, then. Is that what you want? Oh Games Oh, Ernest. Well, that’s exactly what will happen. He’s got to go. Oh, sorry, darling. Come on. Don’t cry. Don’t cry, love. I know Games You be a good boy now, Raymond. Come on, then. Up you go, son. That’s it. Bye, son. We’ll send you some things in the post. Stand clear now! I know, I know Games Bye, darling. Bye Games Bye, son. He’s gone. He’s gone Games Don’t cry, darling. He’ll be safe down the country. He’s only five! Ernest! Ernest, it must be from Raymond. Yes! Yes! “Dear Mum and Dad, Auntie Flo and Auntie Betty are very nice ladies.” Look, he’s done some drawings, too. “I sleep on a camp bed in Auntie Flo’s bedroom.” Aw, poor little mite. “I get the milk in a can. It is not in bottles because it is cows.” Milk not in bottles? Blimey. “I rode on a carthorse’s back when we got the hay. “I nearly did the splits. “Yours sincerely, Raymond.” “Yours sincerely”! Mind my antirrhinums, Ernest. I hope you know what you’re doing. Eh? Course, duck. You just wait. That’s it.