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was amputated. He amputates himself in a strange fashion, a kind of mental amputation. One day he wakes up and his leg is gone, the next day his knee- and on the third day everything’s gone up to here. He peels himself, bit by bit. It’s a damned scary story, I get the shivers while I’m telling it. No, let me tell it to you. He’s peeled of like this, and then up to here Games No, I have to go now. Have you heard the one about the priest that goes to hell? No, I don’t want to hear that one. Hey,what does it mean to act destructively? Huh? Björn? Mm. If a person is destructive? He messes up stuff. He messes up things? Mm. What’s “clienteel”? Clienteel? Mhm. What’s the context? The group, whose clienteel Games No, it’s pronounced “clientele”. So, what is it? Hey! Hello? Whywon’t you answer me? What the hell are you reading? I’m reading “Investigation on sociopaths”, or what it’s called. Ok, but that’s no longer current. It’s not? Knut gave it to me. It’s gonna be called “Highly demanding patients”. Just because it’s called differently, doesn’t mean it is different, right? He told me this was dangerous for people like him, and that I should watch my step too. Mhm. You’re not listening. Björn! Is it dangerous? No, it’s not dangerous. Are you “highly demanding”? I don’t know, he told me- that I should watch it. What are you reading? I’m reading, yeah. What? About the “new subculture taking shape”. What culture is that? They call it the”guerilla culture”. I’m in a picture here. Let me see! Look at that!You’re in the paper? Yeah. It’s nothing. What are you doing? It says”Police”. Street theater, it was sometime last summer. Björn! Björn! Come and see! What is it? Come and look. Look, it’s grown another leaf. Well, I’ll be damned! What do you have against my monstera? Nothing, but we can’t live in a God damn green house. Huh? WE CAN’T LIVE IN AGOD DAMN GREEN HOUSE! ” Games he’s been glancing at my daughter, see?” “I hear ya. ” “And they say that girl gets so skinny durin’ summer- but I haven’t said anything yet, it’s just talk.