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And it’s such a confident performance. I like the way she just kind of like drifts through the movie, like none of this is game You know, it really game I mean especially this next shot actually game Ooh! This is the cowboy switch. So that is not Cara jumping through that window, and then Cara pops up. Oh, really? Yeah. And Nat was so appalled at the low-tech nature of the effect. He’s like, “Don’t you guys CG this or something? “I mean, how do they do it in Spiderman?” I was like, even Spiderman every now and then uses a cowboy switch. I don’t know if Spiderman uses the cowboy switch. I don’t think that’s true, but you know, it seemed like a good thing to tell him at the time. I’m glad that we used the low-tech stunt for this. This is a, you know, here we are. It’s me. Yeah, you’ve actually been able to hear John this whole time in this scene arguing. A lot of improv. But my best line was right there. That’s my strongest line. “I have a gun.” That’s where you can really hear that it’s me. I killed it. I mean, we recorded that in a back room at Jefferson Park High School, in an abandoned class room, with the lovely Caitlin Carver playing my daughter. She did a greatjob. You don’t hear any of her performance, but she really lifted me up so that I could give game She was the wind beneath your wings. Yeah, I mean I don’t want to game Obviously there’s no Oscar for voice acting, but there should be. Yes. And if there were, I mean I think, I would hope that I would at least be in the conversation. Yeah. Yeah. This is a really important moment for Margo, something that actually, at some point, for a time we had out of the cut and it definitely needed to come back, because game (CLEARS THROAT) Excuse me. It’s important throughout this night, especially because she’s being sort of dismissive of him and she is this awesome girl, like it’s the one time we kind of get to see underneath her armor, and it becomes very important, even if you don’t notice it at the time, that something could kind of be in there for later,