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The treatment? The treatment. Poor Hugh. Good morning, Drummond. Have a good night? It was Games a knockout. I debated whether I should allow you to awake at all. But, like all artists, I work better when there’s someone to appreciate what I’m doing. May I? Of course. Your nephew seems to be enjoying himself. Hmm. He has a great capacity for self-indulgence. Unlike you, he’ll grow out of it. I doubt if he’ll have the time. Now, how about a game of chess while we’re waiting? What are we waiting for? Twelve o’clock. That’s when, for the want Games of a better expression Games the balloon goes up. One for me Games one for you. I’ll set the board. Black and white to opening positions. The age of computers, Drummond. Congratulations. Courtesy of a shipping company that failed when its chairman died. Lost at sea, no doubt. Precisely. Now, if you’d like to take white and open the game? Just tell the computer the move you want to make and it will do the rest. King’s Pawn to King Four. King’s Pawn Gambit, Orthodox Reply. King’s Pawn to King Four. King’s Knight to King’s Bishop Three. Where are your two little charmers this morning? In the village. Queen’s Knight to Queen’s Bishop Three. Grace is with them. She has the place of honour in this morning’s business. That surprises you, after last night’s cosy little scene in the bathroom? If it’s any consolation to you, she meant what she said. She’s taking part in today’s events Games without her knowledge. King’s Knight to King’s Bishop Three. Doesn’t it worry you that she might object when she finds out? When she finds out it’ll be too late. She won’t be there any more. Neither will King Fedra, nor the yacht. Nor, I’m sorry to say, your beloved nephew. Just a great big hole in the water. I gather that Grace is carrying the bomb, then? My dear Drummond Games Grace IS the bomb. Mmm! I’ve always wanted a yacht like that. Seems a pity to blow it up, doesn’t it? If we don’t get moving soon Games it won’t be blown up. That’s right. Now, Grace Games you’re a very lucky girl, you know?