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and this is a hard thing to get in the balance of trying to do a mystery, right? He would go right up to that rectangle, was that gi it too much importance? And then you had the very good suggestion that he should go over and look at those T-shirts so that we don’t let the audience entirely lock on to that rectangle yet. Right. So we’re not talking about the million things that Isaac Klausner, the producer on set, did to make the movie better. We’re talking about the two I did. That note and game Well Isaac’s not here, so game And knowing more about Moby Dick than anyone else on set. Yup. No, but Isaac Klausner and Wyck Godfrey, one of the producers on the film, were instrumental in too many things to mention. Right. Yeah, we couldn’t list all the ways that they were hugely important. I love the light in this scene. It’s exactly like the light that is in so many abandoned mini-malls because of the way that the blackout paint works and also because of the way that there are sometimes holes in the roof. And here is our reappearance of Cara. Yup. This is another great thing that I think Scott and Mike did, is figuring out a way to bring her back into the movie, even if it’s in a dream sequence, so that we don’t really game You know, because she’s dri so much of the narrative, so that we don’t lose track of her entirely. And it also gives us a chance to just do a really fun overly romantic scene between the two of them, and light it beautifully and have her lean down in this perfect framing. And Q almost gets his kiss. Even in Q’s dream, he doesn’t really get to kiss Margo. I also like that, I kind of feel like, in this scene, Margo says things that she wouldn’t actually say. She’s Q’s Margo, she’s not the real Margo, so it’s weird for me to see her in the trailer being Q’s Margo instead of the real Margo. But in the movie, I think it works really well. And now he is going to wake up. One of the things that I most looked forward to seeing is this right here, where Ben says, “Yes.” That’s something that I did a lot.