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The board and York believe Bobby is innocent, and we think the police will, too. Of course he’s innocent. She should be the one in jail. She almost was Once. Her three-year sabbatical was not voluntary. It was prompted by alleged obsession with a student. So she’s done this before. How could you let her come back? Why didn’t you turn her in? We had no solid proof, certainly nothing that would stand up in court. We decided our best option was to send Jane as far away as possible until it all blew over. And poor Hannah could get the help she needed. When you decided, who was “we”? The board Headmaster York. Something like this can ruin a school, Bridgette, Even an allegation. But she’s insane. You have to do something! We’re going to meet on it tomorrow morning. She’s dangerous, Mom. We don’t have a choice, Bridgette. Do you have any idea how hard it is to fire a tenured teacher? And I can’t afford a scandal now. You don’t get it, Mom. It’s not just Danni and Bobby she’s after. Jane’s been helping me.