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Look, shine your light against these rocks. Huh? See? Nothing to be scared of. Wow. Wish I was that big. ghostly moaning Evo shouting Evo shouting laughing Sorry. What is that thing? Oh, come on. Everybody knows this is a, uh, hat. And this is a boat motor. What’s a boat? This is the boat. You sure, Deep? Looks dangerous. Please, I know better than you guys. metal clanking engine starting Whoa! laughing excitedly Evo Deep! engine revving Deep Yee-haw! Stop clowning around, Deep. Deep No fun laughs, no life, Evo. Come on, Alice. shouting laughing You know, I think you’re right, Deep. Doesn’t seem dangerous out here at all. Okay, that’s a bit much. screaming Jump, Alice! Um sighing with relief screaming What was that? Did you fart again, Ramiro? Huh? screeching creaking screaming Back to the colony. screaming fearfully Everyone, together. We have to evacuate. Leave no one behind. screaming grunting Oh, no! Go, go, go! screaming crying groaning screaming No! Oh, no! screaming Everyone out. Let’s go. Come on. Hurry. grunting Oh, we are trapped. Deep What have I done? Kraken Deep, where are you? Grandpa, we’re outside. Are you alright? Yes, we’re trapped, but alive. No, we’ll get you out. Citizens, I need everyone’s help to move these rocks. grunting shouting It’s useless. If all of us together can’t move these rocks, there’s no chance. But, Grandpa, this is all my fault. I left the abyss, and then I’m so sorry. There’s got to be a way. What? No, it is impossible. What? What, Grandpa, what? I don’t know if he’s still alive. And even so, the seas are so vast, you would never find him. Find who, Grandpa, who? My old friend, Nathan. The white whale. He’s the only creature big enough to move these rocks and save us. Where is he? I’m not sure. But when I brought the colony down here, Nathan had to stay behind. That was in the City of Men. City of Men. We’re on it. We? Wait. You don’t know where the City of Man is. Good point. Go west, past the Wall of Doom, continue past the sleeping giant, and through the Iron Mountains. And be quick, boy.