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understand Add a bitof water and itwon’t taste so dry and they can drink a bit more Drink a bit more What if somebody drank itand became blind? Then you’ll be taken to jail Who said that drinking this will make them blind? I’ve only heard thatseeing people poop will make them grow sty With this bucket, I can earn over bucks You couldn’tsteal the chicken so you pilfered some rice bucks If you were really caughtand jailed, then to pay foryour bail I’d have to spend millions Millions? Alright Games Then I won’tadd any more water If I were really taken to jail, don’t bail me out I can eat for free in the jail. It’s notso bad Sir, two more bowls of Gong Wan soup One of the bowls without parsley orcelery. Here, stewed pork rice With dried pork Why would you eat pork rice with dried pork? Just try it I want to see you try iton Thank you Have some vegetables Thanks Thank you Didn’t I say not to put in parsley orcelery? Ah Ai, whatare you doing? I dug up some aloe to bring back to plant It’s okay if you justsmell it That’s right. Ah Ni has nothing to do all day She just knows to eat How much does she eat? And she does everything she’s supposed to do Don’t be so picky Cheater, why did you pay to hire her? I wanted to tell her to do some work atsome other houses and earn some salary to give to youryounger brother Thatway, we’re not really losing out Don’t do that. It’s against labour laws Doing illegal things will costyou money in fines That Ah Ting is the villager’s represantative Their family’s out-of-city workerstill works for three families I’ll go look into it tomorrow Mom, if you do something like this, I’d sue you too Enough Games Don’t be so mean You’d even dare to sue yourown mother Just pretend I didn’t mention thatabout Ah Ting. Stop being so nosy It’s hard work for those people to come to Taiwan to earn money, too Doing this kind of thing is shameful to us Taiwanese I haven’tseen your three younger brothers in a long time They’re busy doing business Earning money is a good thing But they can’t forget their mothereither