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you live together and then you grow apart again. And then you meet someone else. An irresistibly divine god. And that’s life. Right. I’ve had a really lovely day thanks to you. There’s something I’ve wanted to tell you for ages. Go on then. It’s no big deal. It’s a bit silly, really. But it’s also quite funny. Games OK. Well, uh Game For years Game I was hopelessly in love with you. No! Games Yes. Wow. Really? Games Yes. Until I was or so. OK. Games Yeah. Why am I telling you? Games It doesn’t matter. I mean, it’s very special. I didn’t expected that. I didn’t know. Games No. No, no one knew. You broke my heart. I didn’t mean to. Do you know what it is? I still had my looks back then, of course. Now I’m a bit past my sell Games by date. Cheers. Games . Mathias! Hi, darling. You sound strange. Games It’s nothing. I’m doing abdominal exercises. I wanted to join you. I’ll try to catch the last train. I miss you. Games I miss you too. Yes, yes! I’m coming! Games What? No, no, I’m not coming. Games Who’s there with you? It’s Game my lover. She’s pretending she’s got a lover. See you tomorrow. Bye. Yeah, see you tomorrow. Bye Games bye. That was funny. How awful! How absolutely awful! This is really awful. Anna? I feel so guilty all the time. Because ofwhat happened earlier. It shouldn’t have happened. It was also for the wrong reasons. You felt bad about Bastiaan, and I was upset over that business with Barbara. I think we both know we should work on our own relationships. What do you think? I don’t know. I don’t know what got into me. I’m ashamed. Games Eh? That’s good, isn’t it? I’m glad we’ve sorted it. Can’t you talk to her? I still don’t understand why she suddenly resigned. I always treated her well. I treated her like everyone else. You should have treated her like your daughter, not like everyone else. The point is, she still feels like you gave her away when you left her with me. I didn’t give her away. It was just the best thing to do at the time.