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First Time on Merry go round 2 You wouldn’t remember the number of the car, I suppose. No. Somebody ought to tell Sapphire’s brother. We contacted Dr. Robbins in Birmingham. He’s on his way to London now. Oh. Did you and Sapphire have a quarrel on Friday night? No. Thank you. Sergeant, drive Mr. Harris home, will you? Very good, sir. You’ll let me know if you find out anything, won’t you? You’ll be informed, Mr. Harris. Oh, Mr. Harris. What time did you say you got back from Cambridge? About :. Thank you. The truth, do you think? Well, not what I’d describe as the whole truth. I don’t believe he came in when he said he did game but his grief seemed genuine enough. You never know with these monkeys. They can act their heads off when it suits them. Ring up the Yard and get them to ask the BBC to broadcast for the driver of that black Consul. Right. Meanwhile, we’ll take a look at that girl’s room before her brother gets here. Had she been with you long? About six months. Hmm. Not very tidy. Sapphire wasn’t naturally an orderly child, but she did her best. Did you like her? Indeed I did. I I felt sorry for her. Her parents were dead, and she wanted so much to to be counted in, to belong. Did you ever meet her brother? No, but I spoke to him on the telephone. He sounded very nice. This one’s locked. I’m sorry. I haven’t the key. Oh, I wish you wouldn’t. I never saw Sapphire wear anything like that. Hmm. I wonder who she was dancing with. Did she play the gramophone often? All the time very softly. She was a student at the Royal Academy of Music. Hmm. Well, thank you, Mrs. Thompson. You’ve been most helpful. Well, evidently there was a side to Sapphire she didn’t know about. Yeah. Maybe young Harris found the same thing and didn’t like it. Could be. Unless the person she was dancing with found out about young Harris. Jealousy’s very near to hate. Oh, Mrs. Farr. Mrs. Farr, your brother’s here. David? What’s the matter? Milly, I’ve got to speak to you. The girl’s brother’s here, sir. Dr. Robbins. Right. Send him in. Sir. Dr. Robbins, sir. It’s very good of you to come so quickly, sir.