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First Time on Merry go round 3

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First Time on Merry go round 3 What happened? You did three months for seIIing dope? It cou d be worse. you know? What, eight months? No. eight years FOUR DAYS BEFORE THE ECL PSE WEIGH STATION Here you go, sir Thank you. Here, take this Some water for the road It’ I do you good Thanks You take care of yourseIf now. See you soon. Th s way Here you go Some nice, fresh f gs. And your news. yesterday’s news, that is Which one wouId you ike today? No, don’t worry about it. With a I the cans you brought! The f gs are a g ft Just pay for the Iottery ticket So, I’m the one who owes you money. $.. Thank you. You’re weIcome. Have a good evening Mr. Fumetti game I have something to teII you. I’m going to have to seI the house. My wife wouId Iike us to buy something down south Condos are cheap at the moment You understand? I’m. sorry That’s a I right Thank you for the figs Regards to your wife. Yes, thank you. PAPER Hey, Rosa Maria. I’m back. I have a IittIe surprse for you. They’re good. eh? That’s because they come from back home. Just enough sun, just enough water, and most of aII, good earth. You remember the f gs, Rosa Mara? And the big fig tree in the v IIage cemetery? That’s a I right What’s the matter? Mayence s a nice name. Mayence s Iike. Mayence. O d names are back n styIe. You aII right? THREE DAYS BEFORE THE ECL PSE What’s that? A sedative. I don’t need that. I know. SC SSORS HeIIo? What? There’s no reception here. V ncent. ‘II caI you back. There’s no reception here. I’d have enough for two or three more days, if necessary.but. ‘II never make it if I drive the whoIe way back n one shot. Trust me, V ncent. we’ I be there tomorrow night as pIanned. No, there’s no ”we” ‘II be there tomorrow night as p anned You pay your taxes, k d? Excuse me? Noth ng, never mind. Sorry, I didn’t catch that. Your taxes. did you pay them? Let it go, big guy Oh, that’s rght! You peopIe don’t pay taxes. Don’t worry about t. I’I pay them for you. Hey, Iet me see what you got there. Dammit. said no reIish! ‘m aIIergic to reIish Go get me another one! Make it qu ck,