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First Time on Merry go round Adventure

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When they offer drinks, fill up the glass and only say ‘cheers’. Going round to, say, ten tables amounts to ten glasses meaning a bottle. Think it over a minute! Sorry. Good morning. All right. That’s quite a bill. How will we make a profit and pay your wages too? Fine but they don’t want singers here. They want women to . All right, they may’ve had one too many, so what? What are we then Games emptying bottles over bottles and ruining our livers? Whores? All right, we’re new to the job. We don’t know the system. It’s only natural, isn’t it? OK! Don’t worry. You will learn. We need a little bit of cooperation and everything will be OK. Come on. Go get some rest now because you’ll have a lot of work tomorrow. Good morning. I’ll strangle her! I will! Ignore her. I want to leave this place! I hate it! I hate myself, my skin, my clothes! I want us to leave this place here. We will. We’ll find an excuse and we’ll go. All right? What’s the matter, girls? You like this place so much that you can’t part from it? Tuesday Are you not the milkman? Miltiades’ friend, who had an affair with Stella? Don’t tell me that you are the boxer who writes novels? How did you figure it out? Needn’t be a philosopher to do so. You look like Games a writer Games Have a seat. Where are you headed? Xanthi. By bus? And you? Roaming through the Greece in this old rust bucket. A guide to all provincial night clubs will be published. The whole thing is sponsored by a whiskey brand. I can’t tell you the brand yet. Perhaps later. You needn’t. I don’t care. How’s Miltiades? We live in the same block of flats. He’s all right. If you find the bus boring come in the bucket. We could have some chat on the way. And we could stop to pee whenever we want. I’m going to Xanthi too. We’ll only make a detour for a village or two. It isn’t a bad idea. Just a moment, I’ll get my sack. Take your time. We’re not in a hurry. It’s funny Games if I tell Miltiades we had a pee together in Porto Lagos he’ll surely freak out. You think so? Come to think of it.