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Fish Adventure could’ve killed me times if you had the nerve, but you don’t. You are nothing. inhales sharply You’ll scream, just like my boy wanted you to. whimpering softly chuckles crying evil laugh echoing Darling, where have you been and game What have you done to your beautiful hair? Don’t worry, those bastards will get what they want. They always get what they want. I Steven Tyler: Skin City This is great. This game What’s up with you? groans Something’s wrong. I’m out of here. Don’t like watching my sister do the nasty. I’m taking a hike. crowd cheering Pretty. grunts You’re beautiful, Nancy. Don’t do this to yourself. Pretty, pretty, pretty. If a man did that to you, I’d tear him to pieces. Lieutenant Hartigan, you just gave me a great idea. groans No, baby. Nancy. whispering Just give me a damn name. Roark. We’re up against a lot. We’ll need tools. motorcycle engines revving tires screech Looks like trouble. guns clicking ‘ Marv grunts Looks like Christmas. Well, you missed last call, boys. Bullshit. We’re ripping this place a new asshole. Move or die. hisses I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but game game you look hot. motorcycle engines revving Marv There’s no reason to leave anybody alive. Nobody’s innocent. And we can’t leave anybody able to talk. Don’t go soft on me, kid. Don’t leave anybody breathing. I won’t. I’ll work the perimeter and nail the guards. Baby, you’re a natural. I’ll work the inside. How will I know when you’re in? You’ll have a pretty good idea. dog barks in distance automatic gunfire labored breathing sighs Damn thing misfired on me. I nearly got them all, but this piece of shit, it was jammed up on me. Piece of crap Uzi had to get all stuck. Here. Take a seat. exhales You’re a peach. I got this. thunder rumbling groans You clever, clever little whore. I can’t believe you made it this far. You know, Hartigan blew my son’s pecker off. So game game where shall I shoot you next? That tight little belly of yours? I’m holding a gun on you, young lady. The rules are, you pretend there’s a chance that I won’t shoot you. groaning loudly I told you you would scream before you die. I owe it to my son. Frankly, between you and me, I’ve finally accepted that Ethan was not presidential material. I’d have had a hard time buying him an election in an insane asylum. But he was my son, honey. He was my son. And now game game he’s gonna hear you scream. Scream. This is for John Hartigan, er. gunshot echoes Nancy This rotten town. It soils everybody. siren wailing in distance I Steven Tyler: Skin City