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Fish Fun 2 body part that was never recovered. [Camera shutter clicks] JONES: One of the most important things that we found initially was a newspaper. We were able to read an address of Avenue K. And the blood that we found on the stair rail, it actually started kind of a trail that came right out here. And it went in right out to the, to the road. JONES: We found out who owned the building. It was a guy by the name of Klaus Dillman. Was able to ascertain that the tenant downstairs was an older man named Morris Black that lived in Apartment Number . And then Apartment Number , he said, was rented by a little old lady named Dorothy Ciner, who was a mute female. [Camera shutter clicks] JONES: We were able to roll one of the fingerprints from the hand that was in the trash bag. From that, we were able to identify the victim as Morris Black. [Camera shutter clicks] BENNETT: It appeared that in the common hallway, someone had wiped up blood which led into Apartment , which helped me to gain a search warrant into Apartment . JONES: What we observed then was a pretty pristine apartment. Very neat. What was unusual was on the floor of the kitchen were drop cloths. Once we got the drop cloths pulled up from the floor, we found some real small cuts. What I wound up doing was to actually take and cut that entire area out. That’s when I found a bloodstain. We were actually able to match the blood back to Morris Black, so we knew that that’s the location where he had been dismembered. CAZALAS: When we first talked to the landlord, he said, “Well, there’s a lady that rents Apartment Number , but she’s never there because she travels all the time.” And I’m thinking to myself game “Well, if she’s got the money to travel all the time, “and she’s gone for months on end, what’s she doing living in this dump?” Ha! In fact, it was kind of described as a real ugly deaf mute woman. [Chuckles] CAZALAS: There was very little personal items in the apartment. There was nothing to suggest a woman lived there. CAZALAS: Red flags started coming up.