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ignore what Piku says game She doesn’t mean it game Fine game l am giving these bills to the accounts department game just get the payment released game of course game by the way how’s your mother? Don’t even know how I was born in that family game just waiting to get out of there game anyway tell your partner to mend her ways or get used to travelling in a Metro Why don’t you tell her game Piku. Piku. Hi. all well game ? ya. I know because of my drivers game look its fine. I don’t have time for all this discussion game So when should I come? For what? To discuss this driver issue game you’ve had a word with Syed, right? Ya but. So then its fine game See you. Bye You need to be a bit easy with Piku game I am really worried for her. Oh game then why did you get married thrice? If you were so worried. Excuse me? After Piku’s mother passed away, Piku needed you. So I should’ve shifted here with Eisha in your house game gotten married to you game just because my sister was no more game ? Hah! only you can have such idiotic thoughts. Piku and Eisha.were never your priority game All I am saying is that.and that is very sad. Is this why you don’t like me game ? No I’ve enough reasons to not like you game But don’t you feed this marriage nonsense in Piku’s mind, don’t. Grand Pa doesn’t want to meet you game tell him I am not here to discuss the selling of Kolkata house then why are you here? to know the condition of my stomach? Good evening dada; how are you. Actually I met a builder yesterday. he is ready to negotiate game so I spent my own money for the flight ticket game just to come and meet you. You know my decision game Dada.try and understand There is no need to discuss the same topic again and again game Go! It’s a golden opportunity game super deal.all these things must be done while you’re still here game then you can peacefully game listen Budhan game yes Grand Pa. Hope you haven’t made tea for him yet game ? I am about to game no need game no need. game just shut the door when this man leaves game and don’t open