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but, if I remember correctly, it’s very unstable. But not if you fold space-time. See, I didn’t get to explain that part but that’s why Brigsby needs Arielle’s amulet. James. What your father is trying to say is we’re proud of how smart and talented you are. But all of this time that you’ve been spending on the Brigsby forum and your projects, we just don’t see the point. The point? You could be using this time and energy to further your studies or solve the Vansmithe conjecture. But it’s impossible. And it’s stupid. Watch it. I know, sorry. It’s not stupid. Don’t let your noodles get cold. MUSIC PLAYING ON TV BRIGSBY: Goody Goose, pull back. We just need enough power to get us to the next quadrant. Come on, Brigsby. Let me at him! My laser cannons are locked and loaded. BRIGSBY: Fire away! Hi, bud. You know, I was thinking about taking a trip out to the pier if you want to come. BEEPING SIGHS They sure came out tonight, huh? CHUCKLES So, what’s on your mind, pal? It’s just There are other people out there just like us, right? And we’re all watching Brigsby together. It means something. Look at the Grazerbugs, James. All they need in this world is fresh water and cold moonlight to charge their rectoskeletons. They’re out there every night surviving, just like us. The difference is, we have dreams and imaginations to help us escape. And no one can take that away from you. Ever. LAUGHS CHIMES TED: Good night, James. Powering down. MACHINERY POWERING DOWN BUZZER CHIMES Morning, son. Remember, no Brigsby until after your chores and studies. See you tonight. ENGINE STARTS BUZZER CHIMES TED: Good night, James. Powering down. ELECTRICAL BUZZING BREATHING HEAVILY ALARM BLARING YELLING Something’s happening! Something’s happening! What’s going on? James, remember everything we’ve taught you and stay strong, okay? OFFICER: On the ground now! On the ground now! JAMES: Mom! APRIL: James! Keep your hands where we can see them. James! Mom! I’m sorry! I love you, James! Excuse me. Are you going to give me a breathing mask,