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me with a knife. Damn. He’s good. Maybe to you. You’re gonna wanna see this. See what? I’ll show you. Damn. He’s really good. Say it again, I’ll shoot you. Chill. Get in. Where’s the bomb? It’ll be here. Barney, it looks like the target is right on time. There’s Minns. Let’s take him out fast. Barney, I gotta put you down. It can’t be. What can’t be? We gonna shoot these guys or what? What’s the holdup? He’s dead. Who’s dead? Stonebanks. Stonebanks! Come on, get in, get in, get in, get in, get in! Barney, move! Go, go, go! Come on! It’s time to mow the lawn! Told you. Ten seconds. Hang on! I found you a ride! Time to go! Come on! Go, go, go! How much we gettin’ paid for this? Not enough. Go right! You’re not gonna fit! Always negative. I’m getting carsick. Hang on, Doc! Right side! Got it! Get out! Come on! Caesar, we’re coming your way! Where are you? In this filthy river. Behind you! Try to stay as close as you can! Make room for Caesar! Move your asses! What was that? A huge black guy in a boat. Hold it, hold it! You got it goin’! You all right? Yep. Pull over. Incoming! Move! Move! Maybe this will bring you luck. Is he gonna make it? I don’t know. Who did this? Stonebanks. I thought you killed him. So did I. He shot Caesar to get back at me. You know, I’m getting out of this business. And so should you. Not yet. Hey. If you need any help with Stonebanks game I’m supposed to meet a guy named Church. I know you were. So who are you? Operations Officer Drummer. You don’t have to worry about Church anymore. He’s out of the picture. Jesus, Ross. What a mess. We gave you everything. Target, opportunity, all the intel you could ask for, and you got decimated and my target walked away. Am I wrong here? Am I missing something? Yeah. Church said the target’s name was Victor Minns. And? He was wrong. His real name is Conrad Stonebanks. We knew him only as Victor Minns. Arms dealer, made billions selling to every psycho warlord in Africa and the Middle East. Has his own mercenary army. He’s personally responsible for torturing