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kid in me thought, “Oh, wow, I could be a LEGO designer. “That’s awesome.” Looking at it and I voted for it, and there was only, like, a few hundred votes. Then within a week I looked at it again. It started going up all of a sudden, I went, “Wait a minute, that’s Stephen’s. This is cool!” I know a little bit about the other contestants, and one of them would definitely be the largest LEGO set that LEGO has ever produced if they actually did turn it into a set. Took me about nine months to complete it. It’s not just building, of course. It’s research. I had to find all the pictures for the model and all the parts. I wasn’t sure until the end if it’s going to work and drive because of the weight, but I was lucky with that. CHUCKLES It’s not just about prestige. If the finalists’ designs are chosen, they’ll get % of the net sales. If I win, then I will build it twice this size and ride on it through the desert. LAUGHS It will just keep going round and round. The third finalist in this year’s Cuusoo project is a user group led by New Zealander Nick Vás. Nick and his team have created LEGO models of the video game Portal , which is very popular with the LEGO crowd. We had decided on Portal as the topic for our Cuusoo project, simply because we had a common love for LEGO and Portal as a video game. The Portal Project was one of the fastest ever to reach the necessary , votes to be considered a finalist on the Cuusoo website. We think that our project is the most likely. We’re holding high hopes that it will be us. I voted for them, ’cause I played the game, and I really enjoyed it. And I was game I’m hoping that one could be chosen, too. I would definitely buy multiple copies of that set. So if the product goes to design, what are you going to do with all the money? If I could do whatever I wanted with it, I think it would probably all go right back to LEGO. So basically you’re doing it for the brick. Yeah, pretty much. I think the interesting thing, and then maybe the scary thing with Cuusoo, is that it has actually opened