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Flower garden That’d be a real shame. You’ve held out for years. It took such willpower. And Vanda? Has Jirka agreed to the divorce? Well? She brought Natalka with her, huh? She takes after you. I didn’t want it to come out like this. You’re a liar. I know. You don’t yet know what a relief this will be for you. You hate me, don’t you? Not yet. For now, I just admire you. What a charade. What are we going to do? I’m going to lie down. Wait, Anna. Should I go? You have to: It’s Tuesday. Her mittens are in there. Here, kittykitty Game Anna? Can I come in? I don’t know what to do. You should go. What’re you trying to do to me? Hi, girls. Hey, daddy’s here! Hi, Natalka. What’d you bring me, daddy? Tons of kisses and something else. What? Which hand? This one. Right. Here you go. Thanks. But after dinner, okay? Okay. Hi. I hope you’re hungry. I’m making steak tartare. Have you been home? No, at the clinic. You haven’t been home? No, why do you ask? If you think you solved things, you’re mistaken. I’ll come extra during the holidays, then it’s Tuesdays like usual. We’ve been together years, right? And you’re as cool as ever. You come Tuesdays, pay the rent, a gift for Natalka, we screw, eat Game Man, you act like you came to play squash. Do you even know what you’ve done? How could you do that to someone who may have only months to live? You’re a monster. Now get out, you multiple sclerosis. Hi, mom. Are you crazy? A bike in this weather? Hi. Is that how a doctor behaves? Look what you did. Hi, dad. He’ll come around. He’ll understand eventually. I need a bath. Do you have anything to wear? In my bag. Change your things. I will. There’s only one truth. Our son is an amateur who, for his pleasure, has destroyed two women and a child to boot. How long was he going to keep it from her? Now it’s out. Sometimes I wonder if he’s really my son. Are you sure he is? Oh, please! You and your snap judgments. You think Roman is a cheat and a liar and that’s that. Since you’re invoking the truth, have you always been honest with me? I’ve never lied to you.