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Get us out of this! Beat it, beat it! Beat it, out that way! Night watchman whistling Come here! Policeman Right, Sergeant. We’ve got them trapped! For Pete’s sake, get me out of this! Night watchman’s whistle continues We’re done for. Oi, come ‘ere, quick! Give us help. Anybody got a torch? I’ve got one, Roy. Hurried whispers Last one put the lid back. Echoed mutterings Roy Get down there before the cops come! Come on! Get down there! Coo, don’t it pong. What do you expect in a sewer? Violets? This is where my dad works. Where do we go from here? Where do you want to go? Piccadilly? Strand? They run just like the streets. Well, come on. Echoed chatter They can’t have got out this way. They must be somewhere. Might have doubled back inside, sir. Take a look round the basement. I’ll try the furnace room. Get on the blower and warn the patrol car to keep a lookout. You come with me. Shouts Here it is! Boys Hurray! Joe Good old Roy! Excited shouting Grunts What’s up? It’s stiff. Both grunt Panting It’s no use. We’d better find another one. It’s all right, Alec. We’ll get out, won’t we Joe? What? Oh, sure. Come on. I can’t go on, I can’t go on, I can’t! It won’t be for long, Alec. I can’t! I can’t, I can’t! Crying I can’t, I can’t! Chatter Shut up, all of you! Shouting dies down Let’s have a go at it. It’s no use. Radio ‘FY calling A. ‘Oxford Circus, vicinity of Ritchie’s. ‘Number of boys seen ‘ Cor, fresh air. My mum didn’t half go off the deep end. I told my old man I rescued a kid from the canal. Did he believe you? Dunno. He clouted me. They can’t send me to borstal, I’m too young. Oh, shut up. Nobody is going to borstal. Break into a West End store, beat up the watchman, tie down the cops and expect to get away with it? Don’t make me laugh. How’re they going to know? Don’t take any notice, Joe. Them coppers wasn’t after us, they was after the crooks. Then why didn’t the crooks turn up? Joe! Joe! There’s a couple of coppers standing round by the ruins. I did, I see ’em! What did I tell you? Come on, I’m getting out of here quick.