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An emergency. Well, did the congressman make an appointment for you? No. This is so huge that an appointment would be, like… Inappropriate. Yeah. Inappropriate? It’s an emergency, and emergencies don’t need appointments. Correct. Boom. I mean, do you need an appointment for a hospital emergency room? The answer is no! Unh-unh. Agent Miller, I have two gentlemen here who said they were referred by congressman Moorhead. By him personally. Could you please say that? They were referred by him personally. And we paid for play. Could you tell the agent that, too? They’re implying that they paid the congressman for… A government favor. Mm-hmm. A government favor. Okay. The agent will see you. That way. Okay. Thank you for meeting with us, sir. We donated money to the congressman’s campaign. Yes, we did. And he said that was the best way to get a government favor… A.K.A. Monopoly. Yeah, fastest, safest, best. Hello? Sir, can you hear us? I heard every word. Please, take a seat. Go on. Hello! Hello. Hello, too. So what is this about pay to play? Did he try to shake you down? Oh, no, no, no. We are fine with pay to play. Yeah, we’re fine with it. It’s a few bucks well spent, we think. You see, we have a really remarkable idea for a contest, and we’re just concerned that there might be some competition. Yeah, so we just need a monopoly before that nasty event. We can’t have competition. We just can’t. So we need you to enforce our monopoly to eliminate any unwarranted competition. Yeah, to, like, thwart any possible Internet thievery. Correct. Yes. Well, what is the idea? Is this in strict confidence? Sure. Sure what? We need to hear you say it, that this is in strict confidence. You have to say it. This is in strict confidence. We started an online contest. For what? Um, best selfie contest. No, no, no, no, no, no, no. Have you ever seen me before? Kind of. If it makes any difference, you are a very, very strong contender. Really? Mm-hmm. Yeah. Very, very, very strong. Chub here is particularly in your corner. That’s me.