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Hey move..Radhavar sir.. Hey.. please leave me.. Save them safely God, please save them. I think they are always in full drink and thus are shouting so He is given a good training like to dogs. They are stopping just by showing the hand. Rathavara, maybe what baby said is true.Please give it a thought for once. Rathavar sir, you are misunderstanding me. Think with some humanity sir. I am the only son to my parents and will fly to Europe if you leave. We will never come back again to India sir. Sir, please do not get angry asa small guy like me am saying. Please let go with a big heart, I beg you. See, he would say to tie the hands now. Death sentence is repeating at this stage after years. As per the tradition by ancestors, if Rathavar pulls out that sword from the trunk, punishment will be given. If not, death sentence will be cancelled. Congrats bro, we all have escaped He cannot pull out for sure, right? Is he any Rebel star to pull out? ghold fellow, he can never do that. Hail Manjunatha! Hail Manjunatha! Hail Manjunatha! You think, he would pull it out? Oh no, why has become like a demon? ::. –> ::. align:center Oh no, he is pulled it out sir. Sir .. Let us go sir, please leave sir He does not anything sir, leave him Sir, please leave me Leave me. No sir, we beg you stop it sir..leave him An innocent guy is dying for no reason sir Please leave me sir. No sir, no! No sir, please sir. Sir, he is killing. An innocent guy is dying for no reason sir He is dying sir, do something. Please save sir Please save him sir. Sir, he is killing Oh no.. Oh no..Sir no sir. No sir, no! Stop.. Remove that, open the rope Open up Forgive me sir, forgive me Bajarappa! The youngster with the mole of Rudraksha has come searching for our Chandramukhi He is the future Rathavara and my son in law! son-in-law son-in-law son-in-law son-in-law Chorus shifted to Aaliya Aaliya means son in law They left your guy and added he became Aaliya now. We shall now jump like Vijay Malya Aaliya!(son-in-law) Aaliya!(son-in-law) Aaliya!(son-in-law)