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get you an convertible. I’m sure Christian will take me for a ride after the party. What party? What do you mean what party? Tatiana’s party. Damn, I forgot. That’s gonna be lame. I can’t stand that girl. Me neither. But it was you who proposed celebrating it at home. You’ll be preparing snacks all evening. Well, I can’t. I have a job interview. Job? I need money for the graduation trip. Mom and dad got tired of giving you money, right? What job is it? Nanny. Caring for children Game what a drag. It’s just a temporary and easy job. Not easy at all. I was taking care of two. While the mother was out shopping and getting drunk, the father was flirting with me. And you loved it, right? Who do you think I am? A home wrecker? I did nothing! But the was jealous and she made me clean up all day. Maybe she was a lesbian in love with you. You ever kiss a girl? No. You? Maybe. I don’t beleive it. Wanna kiss me? Shut up, girl. What time is the interview? Are you changing the subject? No, you know you’re not my kind, dear. I just want to wait for you. What for? We need to buy stuff for the party. Hello? I see you. Come and join us for a beer. Who is it? Do I have anything? It’s Cristian, isn’t it? I’m leaving. Why? Because I have my job interview. You have time to help me then. You know I don’t like Tatiana. I know, but the party is ours. Besides, it’d be nice for you to meet guys who are used to showering. All right, chill, I’ll go. But just because I have no choice. Stop nagging. We’re gonna have a great time. You’re leaving already? By the way, ask your boyfriend to save me some of that stuff he gave me the other day, will you? Aren’t you forgetting something? Kissing you or slapping this asswipe in the face? The address. I’ll be there in an hour. Don’t keep me waiting. That would be a first Game Good luck! No, no, no! Come in, darling. Come in. Over here, dear. Don’t be shy. I’m Ana. I know. You’re so young. I’m Diamantina. Come and sit down, please. Sugar cubes? Excuse me? Sugar. Just one, thank you. You can pick up if you want.