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Grandma? Find the key. Find the key. I acknowledge I’m dreaming. I acknowledge I’m dreaming. You have to help me find the key. Okay. Okay. The Cardinal is coming. You must run. Who’s the Cardinal? Follow the wolf game And run away from the horse. Always! You knew everything, but never told me anything. It’s too late to talk now. So shut up! Show me some pain if you want absolution. Morning. Morning. You look terrible, darling. Did you spent the night chasing monsters in your dreams again? Do you remember the last time I saw Grandma? Yes. You were about six, I think. It was a hot summer and the three of us had this game wonderful watermelon ice cream game at a fancy reception. Are you talking about my grandpa’s funeral? Yes, I suppose I am. What was grandma’s illness already? What does it matter? But, you only told me she was sick. I’d like to know what she died of. It won’t bring her back Can’t you just answer my question for once? She threw herself out of the window if you really want to know. She killed herself? Why? Look, Rose had been losing her mind for some time now. That’s why she came back here. So’s I could look after her. But apparently, I had somewhat misjudged the seriousness of her condition. I saw her in my nightmare last night. She was, drawing pictures of this horse-headed monster. And she asked me to help her find a key. Well. It sounds as if she’d lost her mind in your dreams as well. Do you know which key she was talking about? You know game You really shouldn’t game pay too much attention to anything your grandmother did in these last few weeks. She wasn’t herself lately. The illness had taken over. I’m not feeling too well. I think you’ve got a fever. Go back to bed, darling. I’ll call the doctor. Are you all right, Miss Jessica? You look awfully pale. I’m fine. Can I ask you something? By all means. Can you tell me about Rose’s behavior game days before she died? She acted strangely. She seemed obsessed with bizarre visions. What kinds of visions exactly? I was all very vague. Bad dreams, I think.