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Funny Farm Girl he retired It would be nice if he had opened some music shop Why? I would have got a job in that And we would have met days before Do you remember the beauty contest that was held in our college? Though you are not beautiful you participated in that Winner got votes but you got votes One vote would be yours you know whose was that second vote? It was me From Miss India to Mother lndia, If you participate in anything you’ll be the winner You said you want to buy some books Can you please select one best book from this? Generally you girls have some idea I thought to select the same book Shall we go to have some coffee? Tell us which is a good book among this It is difficult to us to find Touch one of them What if my daughter had touched a different finger? I would’ve given her another book Don’t you know which book is best in this? Don’t you have that minimum knowledge? If it is so, how can we buy books here? Come, let’s go There were books so you showed fingers How if there were books? What is your problem? You show fingers for everything There is no friendship between us to discuss my personal problem Why have you come again? To help you You’ve kept a board that helpers wanted You should try there but not here I can’t offer you a job here I need one helper to our band I can’t spoil your life by offering this job to you So you are thinking about my future But I am thinking about your hotel’s future What happened? I don’t know how to face my dad Have you lost this chance also? Henceforth I can’t roam with you Go man I can’t take pocket money from you So you got the job Yes, thanks to Reethu I am with you since childhood You express pains to me but you thank her? I don’t thank myself in the mirror Game Game because you’re like me in the mirror Thanks, I got the job because of you I think our relationship has become strong to invite you to the party No try, you are coming there Generally l don’t accept gifts but l won’t refuse if it is from you If you are jobless you’ll have to carry boxes like this He has got a job In which band?