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He tells me he’s making a movie. I have to take that on faith. He’s playing with LEGOs, something that he’s done since he was a toddler. My family has been pretty supportive about this. He’s very creative, but I would really like to be able to park my car in the garage, yes. Well, there’s been a long tradition of brick films. One of my favorite brick film makers is David Pagano. New York filmmaker David Pagano has been making brick films since he was nine. David is considered one of the top LEGO animators, and is known for creating complex characters out of bricks. Most films you’re going to see will have minifigures as the main actor. They’re just articulated enough to be moveable into a variety of fun poses, but not so over-articulated that you need help getting them to stand up properly, or look like a normal human being, or as normal as someone with no nose looks. Hey! I have done a lot of stuff with minifigures, both for LEGO and just for myself, but I also am just endlessly fascinated with what you can build from bricks. I just find it an interesting challenge as opposed to having a readymade actor. I’d rather figure out ways to make neat-looking characters, and then make sure they’re animate-able, then bring them to life. I am somewhat of a LEGO archivist. On my better days I consider myself a LEGO animation historian, if such a job exists. I don’t think it does, but I’ll pretend to myself, until someone tells me to stop. So, the very first LEGO films were promotional videos or commercials that were made in the ‘s and ‘s. I think it should have a big middle part and two little sides that stick out. But the first fan film didn’t come until the mid-to-late s, and that was a film called The Magic Portal. They used sloped pieces in a really interesting way where you could get these weird little blobby creatures that crawl along the set. There’s some nice animation with some of the old LEGO backhoe pieces. In the early s, LEGO films really started to take off. Everyone had the Internet, and it was starting to become