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His gaze remains extraordinary. It is very deep. I was up to me, I took a picture, he put his finger in the mouth game He was looking for the first time in a mirror. I was in front of him and he removed his finger, put it. He began to understand that it was him. It was acknowledging his image. I felt completely identified. It’s a family like ours, a grandfather, a father, children. They will respect each other, you know? And when you go, you have to respect their ways. You have to sit in a particular way, you have to respect their territory. And then you receive. I also became friends with a whale. These are whales. In Argentina. An adult as this measures meters and weighs tons, more or less. He was approaching, came to the ship. I could touch it. And it was amazing. That skin so sensitive! While he is stroking, He saw his tail shaking, at meters. A phenomenal sensitivity. We had a small vessel of not more than seven meters. I knew that if we looked strong, we could sink. But he never touched the boat, never! Sometimes he walked away and hit the sea with its tail. Oh, it’s another world, it’s incredible. I’ll see if I have another photo here of the Nenets. Check what does a Nenets. It’s your house. I nenets this report with what was preparing a long time. Were people and about , reindeer They are living in constant migration. Here should be the pm. About light a fire and make the only hot meal of the day. After dinner, there are gatherings. And the fire goes out. While the fire burning is the temperature is pleasant: degrees. Two hours later, it is already below zero. They are real cowboys of Siberia. Always wear ties around the neck, made of reindeer skin. They wear leather boots with silver fox. Sleep with their boots. A boot lasts a lifetime. The Obi is a very special river, a large river in Siberia. This is about kilometers long. When you pass the Obi, you enter the Arctic Circle. We have no horizon line, we have nothing. We are on a white plate on the size of the universe. Genesis made Sebastião again