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Roger Stone’s a nice guy, but I let him go because I really wasn’t using him, and he liked to get a lot of publicity for himself, which I didn’t want. He’s real, he’s genuine, and it’s entertaining. That’s why he’s doing so well. So why’d he fire you? He didn’t. I quit. “Oh, you can’t fire me. I quit!” [all laughing] [Labash] Did he get fired or did he quit? I don’t know. He still hasn’t admitted to me that he got fired, and I’ve tried numerous times. “Bullshit, you got fired. Come on.” “No, no, no!” Because Roger, you know, Roger the feminist, was really offended about what Trump said about Megyn Kelly. [Stone] I don’t need the Trump campaign to generate press coverage for myself, and I can get in the tabloids any time I want. But to say that you want me to work on your campaign, but you don’t want me to talk to reporters would be like saying to me, “I just don’t want you to breathe air between now and November.” If you could just agree not to breathe any air “or eat any food, everything will be fine.” Talking to reporters is what I do. That’s my value. Roger Stone and I don’t agree on anything. [stammers] I don’t… He does not represent the Trump campaign. Not what he says. What Roger Stone says and what the truth are are two factually very different things. [Michael Caputo] There’s no question Lewandowski worked behind the scenes to get Roger thrown out of the campaign. He is an expert at stabbing people in the back. That guy’s got an incredible capacity for treachery. By the way, I spoke to a Polish language expert the other day. I was unaware of the fact that Lewandowski, loosely translated, means “cocksucker.” Well, Roger is a tough guy, and Roger will make enemies sometimes that I always say, there’s no reason for it. [Toobin] Roger is older now, and I think he sees the Trump campaign, at once as his creation, but also something that he’s not allowed to participate in day to day. And that, understandably, makes him sad. [Stone] I have no interest in going back. Although I strongly support Trump, we have managerial differences. And, meanwhile, I’m just making the very best case for him in public that I can, ’cause I do think he has what it takes. There’s always this tension between the candidate and his consultant. The candidate resents the credit the consultant gets for his words. The consultant resents, you know, the fame and fortune the candidate gets when he did all the work. And Trump hated the fact that Stone was showing up on cable news and that people were, you know, calling him Trump’s brain. So he fired him. But it doesn’t mean he stopped relying on him. It seems to me there is more than meets the eye here with Roger Stone parting company from the Trump campaign, coming on my program and others and giving the big Trump pitch. You media types are so conspiratorial. [laughs] No. No, the Stone-Trump types, I think, are the conspiratorial. Unlike… Only two campaigns have a plausible path to the nomination. Ours and Donald Trump’s. Nobody else has any mathematical possibility, whatsoever. L-Y-I-N-apostrophe,