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Gold Pony I tell you he’s gone. You’re a liar Bragg, he ain’t gone. Bill just got home. I seen him go into the shack just a few minutes ago. Bill! Oh Bill! Bill. Get away. That was mighty decent of you Bragg, to offer to take care of Trina. I didn’t think it was in you. Well, she’s a helpless little thing, the sort that needs looking after by a man. Sure. What’s the matter with Bill? He won’t be around. Didn’t he get caught? He got away didn’t he? For how long? The Cops will be down here after him. How do you know? I got a hunch. It’s nothing I tell you, just grazed me a little, cut a little meat off. What’s eating you? You’d think it was you that got drilled instead of me. I wish it was. Oh, why did you do it, Bill. Why? I couldn’t leave you high and dry could I. The dough would have taken care of you swell, but I flopped. I’m glad you did. I wouldn’t have taken that money anyway. I’d have taken it back. How did you expect to get along? It takes money to have a kid, don’t it? For a strong man, you’re awful afraid of a little thing that ain’t even born yet. My goodness Bill. If I had known it would have scared you that much, I never would have told you. I’d have just gone away myself some place. I didn’t know you were such a coward, darling. A coward? Sure. Afraid of a baby. Why, it’s the most natural thing in the world, you big fool. They’re born all the time and.. If they happen to be mankids, they just never grow up. They just keep reaching for the clouds and.. Listening to trainwhistles. There.. how’s that? Bill.. you know that song that goes.. “A fish got to swim, a bird got to fly.”? Oh you big silly. Robbing a safe when you always said you had no use for money. It wasn’t for me. For me.. I know. But I don’t need it. I don’t need anything. I don’t even need you, Bill. It ain’t as if you ever said you loved me. You never did, and I don’t blame you. I know what I’ve done to you, Bill. I’ve.. I’ve pulled you down and messed up your plans but I didn’t mean to. Honest I didn’t. You can go sweetheart, and stay away as long as you like.