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focused on me wrapping her in this scarf and placing her in the box and he flew in the freezer and he spread his wings over and kind of was crying. Awww. And it just killed me. Oh my gosh. So, it still does. Yeah, sure. But anyway, we got her to New York and I flew her there and, you know, she was almost thawed out when I got to the house and we put her in the ground. So, and she’s there and I feel good about it. Yeah, it’s beautiful. Good. Yeah, wow, they just have such an impact on your life. Well, I have several teachers. I mean, you come from a long line of healers. I mean, my dad’s side, natural healers, um, come from Mexico, but um game Hey! Hey, guys. How’s it goin’? Good, how are you? Good, good to see you. Hi. Hi, Rodrigo. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. Hi. Hi, I’m Tina. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you. So, what kind of healer was your father? Oh, well, my dad’s dad was what they call a huesero. Hueso in Spanish means bone, so. Hueso? Hueso, so people at the village would come to him with their ailing bones and he would, like, kind of like a chiropractor, pop them back in place and do massage and limpias, which is, you know, cleansing of the energy field. And so yeah, people would do that and I don’t think he would charge anything. Mmhmm. Often times healers in villages don’t charge, they just, by donation, yeah. What’s sound healing? Well, basically they say that the world is sound and everything in it is and responds to vibration. Whatever experience it is that you’re remembering or that needs healing, sound I’ve discovered is the most profound way to help move that, to help clear that. Mmhmm. Um game Would I make, would you teach me how to make noises, like sounds to help me heal myself or would it be like something you would do for me? Well, they say, like, humming, they say humming is like internal massage. So, say if you’re anxious or nervous or something like that. So, if you just. So, what brings you into town? Are you a native or game I’m an artist, Oh, cool. I’m here doing a residency at Chinati,