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-Fatih. -Fatih? Where’s this name from? -Turkey. From Turkey. Fatih here… I’ll give you a good example. You know? Listen. One, two, three… In the fourth row, there is a classy lady with a groomed haircut and a scarf. She is from the intellectual camp, you know? You can see it. This lady has already seen a theater from the inside, you know? It’s not her first time in the St. Pauli theater. What’s your name, my dear? -Monika. -Monika. All right. Listen. See, I’m very proud of this mixed audience, but it makes it very hard for me to write stand-up. Because I have to write a set that Monika likes… but which also amuses Fatih. That is a little bit… It’s not easy. With a mixed audience, it’s not easy. But it’s cool. Normally, if the show is going well, Monika will meet Fatih by accident in St. Pauli tomorrow, and then Monika will say to Fatih, “Hey, bro, what’s up?” You know? It’s like… It’s important to me that you’re relaxed. You’re here to have fun, aren’t you? Doing stand-up, I’ve realized, is the coolest job ever, because I really believe in karma, and for one evening it’s my job to make people laugh.