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Don Mariano? And stop defending him as if he was God Almighty! Don Mariano’s got nothing to do with it. Pizzuco is the one! Pizzuco has called you to testify. Me? He says that you saw him at Rosa Nicolosi’s house and wants you to confirm it. What happened at Rosa’s house? He forced himself upon her. I saw him from outside. And her? She was willing enough. Are you sure? That’s how it seemed to me. That’s how it seemed, or that’s how it was? If I say that Rosa wasn’t willing, they’ll want me dead! But I want to save you. Well, you go ahead with what they’ve told you to say about Rosa. Game but in exchange, I want something from you. What’s that? You have to help me arrest Don Mariano. No, Captain. I don’t know anything about Don Mariano. I can’t help you with this. If you testify against Rosa, I’ll testify against you. I’ll fry you! How long will you last after that? But I don’t know anything about Don Mariano. I’d tell you if I did. I don’t believe you. I always thought that you knew a lot about Don Mariano but you keep it hush hush. Enough playing both sides Parineddu! It’s us who pay you, not them. I don’t want it! Don’t talk rubbish. Afterwards, Zecchinetta took the rifle to Don Mariano’s house. Did you see him? I live near him. And why to Don Mariano’s? Because it’s the safest place. You have to testify. Me!? Captain, our deal? No court, you said! That doesn’t count anymore. Don Mariano doesn’t go back on his word. I want him in front of the judge and I don’t want to hear anything about lack of evidence. Pizzuco! Zecchinetta! You bastard! You’ll end up worse than Colasberna. Much worse! Pizzuco! You should be a singer! A singer! They should cut out your tongue! Lowlife! Bastard! Informer! You’re a cop! You’re the bloody spy! Good day Captain. Pizzuco has confessed but it took all night to get him to sign! Naturally, not a single word about Don Mariano though. The saints are untouchable! If you’ll allow me Captain, I’m going to get some sleep.